Russian Navy Reveals Secrets of Unidentified Objects

Russian Navy Reveals Secrets of Unidentified Objects

Incidents of unidentified objects or lights are being reported across the world. Some of these events have even been recorded. Despite the fact that the US Air Force claims that this video and photos cannot explain

You may have heard that the American Army is publishing unidentified objects/travel incidents from time to time. Most of these events are sky-related. But some of these incidents revealed by the Russian Navy are water-bound.

A special team of the Russian Army has collected many unidentified objects, lives, or travel-related events. These incident records they collected ran into the Cold War season. These incidents that cannot be explained are tied to submarines and warships.

50% of these incidents are ocean-bound, according to the former Russian Navy officer, Mr. Valadimir Azaza. 14% has happened to the lake.

A nuclear submarine sailing in the Pacific is facing this kind of incident. Sailors get to see six moving objects. These six objects are starting to approach the submarine at an unimaginable speed.

The captain orders the submarine to surface immediately due to fear of a clash. Those six objects come behind the submarine, jump straight into the sky, and disappear. The report does not mention what year this incident is from. 

Bikal Lake Unidentified Object

Many mysterious events have happened that are related to the Bermuda triangle. Yuri Beketov, a retired submarine commander, says the submarine equipment in this sea area, is not working properly.

Objects that move at an unimaginable speed on several occasions have been recorded by their sonar systems.

According to calculations, their speed is about 400 kilometers per hour. The fastest man-made submarine speed is 82 kilometers per hour. It’s also a Soviet submarine.

The former Navy intelligence officer named Igor Barkley says these unidentified objects have always been seen in sea areas where Soviet or NATO powers have been placed.

These elements have always been seen in islands like the Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Bermuda Triangle and the Caribbean Sea.

Bical Lake in Russia is a place where we have seen unidentified treasures, travelers, or lights from the past. 


This is the deepest lake in the world. Its maximum depth is 1,642 meters. Lake fishermen have seen bright streams of light sprinkling through the lake and objects flying out of the lake.

The most serious incident related to this lake and part of an unidentified creature was reported in 1982. This is what seven military divers are facing. About 50 meters deep in Bicol Lake, they see a lot of animals like humans.

The survivors say that these animals were dressed in silver-colored clothes. It’s done with divers trying to catch these animals. Finally, three out of seven died. The rest are seriously injured.

One thing that can be understood from events like this is that the planet has less knowledge about water and is lighter than we know about other planets. I thought of posting this after seeing the thread about aliens.

This information is from the internet, so we cannot verify any of these facts. But these instances happen all over the world.


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